SDIA is approved by the Indiana State Approving Agency to participate in GI Bill® education benefit programs from the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs!  So, if you are in the Military, a Military Veteran or a Family Member who has GI Bill® Benefits, contact us to hear more about our Class A CDL Program!

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WorkOne WorkINdiana

SDIA is an approved Class A CDL Training Program through WorkOne and WorkINdiana.

Truck Driving School Indianapolis CDL Training

Truck Driver Training


Our Truck Driving School

SDIA is an Indiana, State Licensed, CDL, Training School. Our Program has an EXCEPTIONALLY SUCCESSFUL track record! Our students are trained to be SAFE & SKILLED Drivers who are ready to get their CDL License and to pass the state skills test. We are dedicated to helping each of our students succeed and begin their career as a Professional Driver. We are conveniently located near downtown Indianapolis, giving you easy access to our Campus.

Learn To Drive A Truck

At SDIA you will receive your training from State Certified Instructors. We have licensed, Professional Driver Trainers who are training our students! We are also located on a Trucking Campus. Our facilities & equipment are professional and clean. Our Range is on a black-top surface and we have tons of “live” docks to back up to. You will learn how to drive a semi truck with ONLY you and your Instructor in the truck at one time. (One-on-One Training) Our Program is designed to make you a safe and confident driver. Our class size is intentionally smaller, to give our students maximum time with Instructors.

Commercial Drivers License – A Great Career

In just a few short weeks, you will learn a skill that leads to a great career in an industry offering a surplus of jobs with generous incomes and benefits. Obtaining a Commercial Drivers License, CDL, is a smart career move. The truck driving industry is suffering from a national driver shortage, which is projected to significantly increase over the next few years. Think about it; most everything travels by truck at some point, and trucking companies are eager to hire safe, dependable and skilled drivers. As other industries cut positions, job seekers are making the transition into a career they can rely on. The skills you will learn at Safe Drivers Institute of America are sought after by companies waiting to hire you!

Job Security

With Class A-CDL , Semi Truck driving jobs in high demand, truck drivers have peace of mind knowing their jobs and salaries are secure. With a multitude of job openings nationwide, you will have confidence in your new career to provide you and your family with a consistent income and a path to a solid retirement. This profession is WHY we exist! We are dedicated to our students and we want YOU to SUCCEED!

Job Placement

Obtaining your CDL will qualify you for job opportunities with numerous companies who hire recent graduates. At Safe Drivers Institute of America our graduates finish with a better skill set than most entry-level drivers, and we have job placement assistance with several elite companies, including Home Daily opportunities! Check out our “Testimonials/Awards” page to read some advice and comments from several of our graduates who are sure enjoying their new career in the transportation industry. Our graduates rave about our school and job placement opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about our UNMATCHED CDL TRAINING PROGRAM and how you can be on your way to a new career in an industry that will always be in demand for good drivers!

Safe Drivers Institute of America is…

  • An Indiana Licensed Truck Driver Training School
  • A CDL Training Program
  • A Place to Learn “How to Drive a Truck”
  • A Program that PREPARES you for the State Skills Test and the Truck Driving Industry
  • A Class A-CDL Training Course
  • An Indianapolis Truck Driving School
  • A Semi Truck Training Program
  • A Commercial Drivers License Preparation Program

SDIA is eager for students to experience firsthand what actually makes us different from all the other CDL Truck Driving Schools… and the DIFFERENCE is Intentional, not Accidental!


SDIA Building

We would like to invite you to schedule a personal appointment time at our SDIA Campus to see our facilities, meet some folks, take a tour, receive a CDL Information Packet and meet with our School Director.

Please call our office at 317-260-5104 to set up your ½ hour appointment time. Appointments are held Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Be sure to call us to schedule yours! It is ALWAYS a good idea to visit a few truck driving schools to ensure you are making an informed decision.

We are very proud of our School, Program and Staff, and we want you to see what makes us different from all the rest!

SDIA Building Inside

Class size is smaller and it felt more on a personal level, instead of having distractions from being in a larger group.

Awesome Program!

A perfect "10"!

Instructors are very helpful!

Outstanding Program - 100%!

A great learning experience!

Staff is patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, and focused on Safety!

SDIA turns out "quality" drivers!

The program exceeded my expectations!

I give their driver training program an A+.

I appreciate SDIA's attentiveness to the details.

I think this is the best school for truck driver training in the area.

It is a FUN program!

Staff works well together and with the students.

Classroom learning is enjoyable as well as the driving part.

A First-Class Program!

Instructions are presented clearly.

SDIA has a family-feel environment, one-on-one training and its fun!

The Instructors are great people.

I got everything I expected and much more out of the program.

On a scale from 1 - 100 points, I give SDIA 150 points!

Well put together program.

Awesome Staff!

I appreciate the attention SDIA pays to Safety.

This Program is THE BEST!

Instructors are professional and have a good sense of humor.

Atmosphere is laid back, but you learn a ton!

This program is "Top-Shelf", 10 out of 10!

Information is presented in a way to increase learning abilities.

The staff was a pleasure to be around. They dedicate a lot of time to their students.

There is a good balance of Classroom, Range and Road learning.

Seat time in the truck is much more than most schools!

One Instructor per Student when driving the truck on the road is awesome and increases learning!

SDIA has a Top-Notch program!

I liked everything about the Program!

I enjoyed the way the Instructors push you so you keep focused and stay on course.

I don't think I could have gone anywhere else and gotten as good of training as I got here.

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